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Welcome to my maps of East Frisia pages, probably the largest Internet-source
for historical maps of East Frisia.

The main aspect of these pages is naturally represented by the descriptions of some important maps and esspecially all the photos belonging to them, on which the small pieces of art can be seen.
So please visit the small but fine virtual map exposition!

For those who are interested I also have a
short summary of the history of the maps of East Frisia.

Maps of East Frisia of the 16th and 17th century

Michaelis map of 1579

"FRISIAE ORIENTALIS / nova et exacta descriptio / [...]",
Laurentius Michaelis, 1579.

Janssonius map of 1636

"TYPVS / F R I S I A E / ORIENTALIS . / [...]",
Johannes Janssonius, 1636.

It was my idea to create a complete list of all existing maps which have been drawn before 1900, also including all the information about location and specialties of the map. The present version of this list is exclusively available on this page. To save the file on your harddisk as an Excel-table, please click on the following button. (All notes concerning the maps are in the german language!)

Download-Button Download the present version of the list of maps of East Frisia (62 KByte).

Afterwards simply extract the EXE-file by executing it. After that a file named "OFK.XLS" should be found in the same directory. This file is stored in Excel 7-format and can be opened as such.

The above file is stored in Excel 7-format. If you should own an older Excel-version,
please load the same file in Excel 4-format (72 KByte).

Maps of East Frisia of the 18th and 19th century

Coldewey map of 1730

"Tabula / FRISIAE / ORIENTALIS / olim / Ubbonis Emmii [...]", Ehrenreich Gerhard Coldewey, 1730.

Le Coq, Camp, Brunik, van der Linden map of 1809

Le Coq, Camp, Brunik, van der Linden, 1809.

For further information i have put together:
Selected Websites and
literature on the subject old maps (of East Frisia)

If you are also interested in old maps of East Frisia
or simply have a question on this subject, please write to me!

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